Insulating glass

The base thickness used is 4-16-4 mm Low-E glass with ARGON with thermal transmission coefficient k = 1.1 W/m2K. Upon request, there may be used special insulating windows with thermal-reflective insulation, smoky (Parsol) or glass of different thicknesses (6-8 mm).

Fixing the window in the frame is achieved by hardwood wedges and fastening strips. Application of white or golden bars inside the glass is one of the options that the customer can choose.


Well chosen material, 8-12% dried, spliced lengthwise, is the basis material of three-layers glued with mono-component adhesive type D4, constituting in profiles of:
-68*87 cm – for the manufacture of windows
-72×115 cm – for entrance doors
-42×115 cm – for interior doors

Safety frame is ensured by double spigot and hollow. Small faults and resin bags are corrected by removing and replacing them with stoppers of different sizes. The three layers of the semi-product result from the radial cut of the tree, conferring a smooth and silky surface, alongside the finishing by pigmentation or bating.
Besides splicing profile in length, it is used a profile with the front layer made of material with sound knots for products with transparent finishing.


Closing, sealing and thermal-acoustic insulation of terrace insulated windows and doors are ensured by ROTO NT system. For doors and shutters, we use AGB fittings.

For terrace windows and doors, fittings operation with one hand gives other possibilities for opening than those known. Thus, products operating through this system – besides the direction of a simple opening – may be with roto-tilting opening, tilting and sliding opening, allowing the use of handle with possibility of shutdown with key, remote opening system, hydraulic closing doors, ventilation grilles, etc.

In the case of entrance doors, for securing your home, ROTO-DOORSAFE fittings meet the client’s requirements through the five-point locking system. Aluminum threshold used on client’s request provides an alternative for entrance door opening inwards.
Handles are of different types and colors: toilet handles, spherical shape handles. Special hinges link the sheet doors, which move the door system in the path. The doors are equipped with handles, with which you can manually open and close them. On the client’s request, the door may be equipped with automatic remote closing/opening system.


The end products are finished with alkyd paints with elastic structure offered by GOLDA Company, SAYERLACK Company, applied in 3 layers, Bate-Stain-Varnish. The resulted finish provides protection against wood decay fungi, UV rays and the damaging effect of water on wood.

WARNING: Long protection of products is guaranteed only with stains and paints used by our company.

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